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Membership Information
Membership may renew dues by completing and returning the Annual Renewal Invoice. Annual Membership is $50.00. You will receive access to the NWFIA Roster.                  
For existing members dues must be current to receive the password to the roster.
Prospective NWFIA members may apply for membership in the following manner: 

New Membership Application
            2022 REFERRAL PROGRAM: Refer one new member get 1/2 off your yearly membership dues, refer a 2nd new member and your dues is FREE!
            (you can only refer up to 2 new members each calendar year to claim your free dues) Referral program effective starting 2022 dues year.

  • The prospective member must sign the application; therein agreeing to abide by the constitution, amendments, rules and regulations, and/or decisions of the Executive Board of the NWFIA. 
  • The prospective member must have the signatures of 2 (two) sponsoring current members of the NWFIA on application as indicated. 

Information Changes                                                                                                                       PAY WITH CREDIT CARD $50.00
To make changes/updates, members may email us or submit the Membership Form by making the appropriate changes, at any time. 

Where to Submit Forms
All new applications, renewals and changes/updates may be mailed to the following address:
NWFIA P.O. Box 230197 Tigard, OR 97281 or may be given to an Executive Board Member.

Members may bring guests to the Association meetings, but in view of the sometimes confidential nature of the information discussed, it is urged that discretion be exercised. Those members who use the Association information for collection of debts shall be subject to expulsion from the Association upon a majority vote of the Executive Board.

Referral Dues $25.00---PAY WITH CREDIT CARD  

NWFIA PO Box 230197, Tigard, OR 97281   Phone 360-749-4454
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